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a year ago

Read Between Podcast - Episode 37

The First Annual Read Between Podcast Presents the Read Between Year One Retrospective!

"Read Between" has finally hit its one-year anniversary! A huge thank you to everyone who has listened, guested, shared, liked, disliked, or otherwise supported this show in the last 12 months. Without you, we wouldn't have made it this far, or continued to have the drive and determination to put out content every single week for you, and for that we thank YOU!

This week, we decided to pour through our vaults and pull out three of our favorite stories from the first year and share them with you all again for your listening pleasure, so get comfy, grab a drink and hang out with us as we reflect on our favorite bits, goofs and gags from our first year and get ready to start year 2 with a BANG!

As mentioned in this episode, check out our friend Jeremy Ballin's HILARIOUS "Star Shitter" commercial spot HERE!

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